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I love making tutorials! It helps me help you helping me helping you helping me hel..break;

So if you have any requests please just post a comment on this page and I’ll see what I can do!

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94 thoughts on “Android Tutorial Requests

  1. Hi,
    I have a problem with one of my projects where I want split the robolectric tests with the default android tests. So I could do that following your tutorials but I couldn’t make that Jacoco found the tests. So if you can make a tutorial how do code coverage over both tests will be super good!


  2. Good Day

    Thanks for all the tutorials they are great, can you help me. I’m new to app development and would like to know if there is a way to have a app, when it starts up en it sees that you have not fulled in a form that it directs you to that form but if you already fulledin that for it directs you to page 2 hope this helps. if not let me know and I will explain in more detail

  3. Hello,
    I’m new to android programming.Can you post a tutorial for how to reading the xml from the internet and parsing the xml and displaying it in formated way in a app and app downloads the xml files once a day or checks if it has been modified. Please ..

  4. Hi,

    I’m looking for an solution for my app which has one listview with several youtube videos – they should be linked there


  5. Hi
    I am new to android. can you post tutorial on clicking the item in list view should play the video.List is nothing but list of different videos.
    Thanks in advance

  6. The tutorial you posted is awesum…It wud b gr8 if you could provide me the tutorial with multiple alarm and notifications…actually i tried a lot to edit your tutorial for the same but i am facing a problem which is as follows:
    Whenevr i try to set multiple alarms all the notifications appear at the time of last alarm i set…i tried using unique ids too bt the problem persits…

  7. The solution for my previous comment is possible .the png is from htc sense 4 rom and it tiles certain areas in status bar. I too want to tile like is 9 patched image but some sorts of coding are you look in to that?

  8. I want to repeat specific parts in drawable png image.
    if I use 9 patch it stretches and looks ugly and if i use tilemode:repeat ,whole image is repeated.but i wanted repeat at specific areas only.
    give me any solution please…


    1. Hi, I wouldn’t advise this its not possible in an elegant way. I would say either change your UI design so the picture is strectchable in some area as a 9patch otherwise change it so it is tileable!

  9. how to create android application on image below


  10. Hi Blundell,
    I really struggle to write SOLID android code. Do you have any examples of a typical well written solid app with network and animation?

  11. Hi blundell… Could u show tutorial for extending adapter views and adding our own custom animation for view transitions

  12. Hey
    I have tried to change the homepage of the android default webrowser by code but i dont get it to work. I have seen other apps been doing it. How can i manage to do this? I have looked at the for the browser and found a method that sets the homepage, but it is not static, so i assume i cant call it from another app. The startapp sdk sets the homepage, maybe you can have a look at it. I have tried but i could not find it.

    1. Hi Helsan, sorry this isn’t documented and so isn’t possible. With the code being undocumented even if I showed you how to do it, it isn’t promised to work on all version of Android and could break with new releases. I realise other apps do it, but as I just said it leads to bad user experiences, don’t let your app join that pile of poor apps.

  13. Hi Blundell,

    Could you please do some tutorials for image recognition? I do some research on the web but It shows lack of tut about that.

    Thanks :))

    1. This isn’t really Android related, just pure Java loads of libraries out there. Maybe next time ask for something more specific

  14. Hello!

    im a new developer and im looking for simple code to how do i cosumize a listview with youtube video showing thumbnail, title etc..

    + how to set intent to each row.

    thank you!!

  15. could you please do a tutorial to parse a list of a users flickr photosets then onclick of photoset displays the photo in a gridview?

  16. hi im new to android development and im using NetBeans IDE 7.1.1 for android.could you please post a tutorial about basic programming in android.thnks in advance =)

  17. Thanks for the offer!

    I have 2 requests:

    1. How can I get down to system level, so I can manage folders, delete files, etc.?

    2. Is there a good reference on the SDK that does not involve Eclipse? I prefer to code with just a text editor.

  18. Hi,
    I am new to Android. I have read your tutorial on displaying the youtube videos into the list by specific user.It was very nice.But this is with “JSON-C”.
    Could you please post a tutorial on youtube videos with XML response and explain me how it works?
    I have searched on internet, but i am not getting the correct solution.
    Thanks in Advance…….

  19. Hi,

    I’ve been reading around android development for the last few months and have created a few basic apps with the help of books and youtube tutorials. Just come across your blog (via and figure what the hell why not make a request too! I’ve seen that Google have finally released official documentation for their Calendar API in 4.0 but I was wondering if you could help get me started with some basic functionality for say Gingerbread where an activity can read/write event data to user’s calendar.

    Would really appreciate your help, thanks in advance!

    1. Hi glad you found me! I love to help but unfortently acessing the calendar pre-ICS is unsupported and subject to change. Therefore if I did make you a tutorial it could be out of date in a week. What I would recommend is write the functionality to work for ICS and if the user has a pre-ICS device explain why the feature is disabled. As time goes by less and less people will get the disabled message! Sorry about that. Here’s the ICS calendar resource: And if you do want to do something for Gingerbread, perhaps start here:

  20. hello ,
    ur notification for a particular date but i need it to be remind me for 3 days before the set date so how can i do it. can u plzz help me.

    and i also need ur help , i need to connect my app to alarm clock of mobile itself . when i click on alarm icon in my app it should be redirected to alarm in mobile ….

      1. thank u
        but can u help me i need to connect my app to alarm clock of mobile itself, i.e when i click on alarm icon it should be redirected to alarm in mobile

  21. Hello, I really want to learn how to create an app with a email-register/login activity. So I got the register information/data from the app user’s at my computer or on a webpage. Best Regards. David, Android Developer.

    1. Hi David, this involved a lot of backend programming and depends on that system in how you would implement it on the Android side. Check out something like this Creating a Web Service, then worry about the android client side.

  22. Hey, Are there any way to get access to likes/dislikes and views with the Gdata from youtube and display these for each video ? Keep up the great work with tutorials !

  23. Hi.
    Am rather frustrated to find a million different twitter integration tutorials around but NONE that integrate a simple JSON # search tweet feed into an AppWidget.

    I can set up an appwidget fine but getting the twitter feed integrated is proving especially fiddly.

    Also implementing user preferences for different #search feeds too.

    Any help greatly appreciated.



    1. Hi glad you enjoyed it.
      You would just set the Alarm for the 15th, when this alarm is fired (in your service) set the next alarm for the next month!

      1. I am saying the app updates the alarm by itself, each month! That way you only have to manage one alarm at a time. Otherwise all you have to do is set a notification, then change the calendar date to set it again but this just adds unneeded complexity imo

  24. Hey, Can you include a Onclick for the listview from the youtube feed tutorial. So if it will be clicked it will go to the url/youtube ?

  25. HI….

    any tutorial on how to use the private and protected API’s in android….
    by reflection and by recompiling the SDK…???

    1. Sorry I won’t be doing this, in using private API’s your going against best practice, it is not recommended. If the API was to change (i.e. between froyo and ICS) then your app will be broken and this isn’t a very good user experience. Please look for otherways to achieve what your goal is.

      1. Hi…

        i want to work on an sms application and the receiver can only be made by accessing the internal and hidden API’s..can u suggest any workaround for that

  26. hi,
    i need for help.please you have tutorial for Compassqibla using SensorManager and SensorEventListener(and gps)(application for musulmun to know the place for pryer)qibla i need it for my project please help me

  27. Hey

    Can you make tutorial whic gets images from a specific website and show them in a layout. At the bottom at the screen it will have next and back button to get to the next/last picture. ?

    A good example website which uses freshly posted pictures,

    1. Hi,

      As per the other request, this is again screen scraping and is frowned up. If that website was to change it’s HTML code your app would no longer work and require an update. You are best finding an API that you can read from. Failing that if you really really want to do it. You should scrape the website server sie (i.e. in a web app) then have your app read the data from your own server. That way if the 3rd party website does break it’s html you only have to update your web-app and not the application (that users would then have to download, compared to hitting refresh on a website). See: Html scraping (2nd link in google behind wikipedia)

  28. Do you have a Skype or email at which I can contact you? I’ve got a few questions that I want to get some detailed and private responses on and I believe you can help me.
    You already know my email so feel free to contact me at that. Thanks.

  29. Hi! I’ve been making android apps for like 4-5 days now. So i’m wondering if you know how I can make a web app? I have been looking through many tutorials, but none shows directly how I can make an app that displays the content from a website, and that I can decide what I want and don’t want to display. So I really just want to customize a website into an app and make my own layout. I know how the WebView and WebContent works and all that stuff, but I don’t know how I can do what I described here.

    1. Hi Espen,
      This would be called ‘screen-scraping’ a website, it is frowned upon really. If you where using a webview you couldn’t screen scrape but just use the data as is. If you did screen-scrape you would use normal views (linearlayout etc) and display whatever you wanted. See:

  30. A tutorial with code how2 log in to a website (hopefully http and https).
    I search a lot on the internet and there’s nothing there that actually works !

    1. Hi Mark, there aren’t many tutorials as this all depends on the backend website login. It is usually through a post request that sends you some type of identity key to use. The tutorial is more to do with server backend programming so I won’t be doing it sorry. You’ll need to look at server solutions for a login box before your app can login!

  31. hi,
    i am new to android. currently i am developing an application based on animation of images.could you help me for the choose of animation.which animation should user like? please help.

    thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Nalesh,

      Could you be a bit more descriptive of what you want? Users like all animations it completely depends on the style of your app and what UX you want 🙂

  32. Hello,

    Ive been a long time lurker of this blog. I have a question i have an idea for a pretty sweet app but, i don’t know how i would go about executing the idea. So basically what im asking is it possible to add a menu option to the default android UI.

    Do help further explain what i mean is like when you are attaching media to a text message on your android phone it gives you options on what you want it to be (image or video). What i need to do is add another option. How would i go about doing that? Ive been searching relentlessly to no avail.

    Could you make a tutorial on this?



  33. I’ve got a small and probably simple request. How would I use the YouTube GData feed of a specific user’s uploads to list a user’s uploads (with included video thumbnail) in a ListView?
    Feel free to email me if you like. 🙂

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